At MJ, we believe your employees are your most valuable asset, and when your employees aren’t working, your business can’t work at its best. It’s no secret that employers across the country are facing an increasingly complex regulatory environment—and with the ever-changing paid and medical leave laws that vary by state, it is getting more and more difficult for employers to keep up. We recognized the burden it was placing on our clients and decided to do something about it.  

We are pleased to introduce…MJ Absence Management. 

We are thrilled to have entered into a partnership with The Partners Group (TPG) and its team of nationally renowned absence management experts. This partnership allows us to offer a new suite of services dedicated to helping our clients navigate the leave and absence environment. Together, we will work to design practical solutions that will transform your leave and absence program


When you are bogged down with leave and ADA laws, you can’t effectively focus on your business and employees.  

Do you ever find yourself: 

  • Wishing you had a subject-matter expert you could go to with a complex leave and ADA scenario? 
  • Striving for consistent and compliant leave and ADA administration processes? 
  • Wanting a software to check every leave request against a continuously updated database of Federal and State leave rules? 
  • Confused by your state’s new paid family and medical leave law? 
  • Developing a training to help managers in navigating the absence and disability process? 
  • Wishing you knew the true, quantifiable cost of absence on your business? 
  • Wanting help managing your current absence management program? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re in luck because with MJ Absence Management’s suite of services, we have the solution for your organization.  

With our multiple service offerings, we can customize solutions for employers of all size regardless of location. And for those clients with employees in the 11 states that have their own paid family and medical leave laws, we can help you stay compliant with the state law while providing the best plan for your employees and business.  

Our industry-leading absence management team enables organizations to reduce health and productivity costs, comply with state and federal regulations, improve employee health and create long-term financial stability. We design integrated absence management and population health strategies that benefit organization’s bottom line as well as your employees’ wellbeing. 

Absence Management doesn’t have to be complicated—let our team help transform your leave and absence program today. Contact us today at