Your data tells the story of your business, and we believe that story should guide your decisions. That’s why we developed APERTURE, our proprietary analytics tool that combines real-time data from multiple sources to provide actionable intelligence through intuitive dashboards. With APERTURE, we help you convert data into knowledge so you can make informed decisions that protect your business, your employees, and your future.

APERTURE is a true breakthrough in analytics, and it’s available only from MJ.

APERTURE Puts Your Data in Focus

APERTURE uses your risk management and employee benefits data to visualize where your business has been and predict where the future may take you—all to help you focus on opportunities for growth.


  • Historical, current, and future trends—using both your internal data and industry benchmarks—feed into the comprehensive APERTURE dashboard to identify cost drivers and their potential impact.
  • Modeling and constant data mining allow APERTURE to predict trends and project how decisions will affect costs years down the line.
  • Customized reporting within APERTURE guides our consultants in developing data-driven recommendations based on your unique business needs.
  • Visualized year-over-year trends within APERTURE will help you measure the effect of your progress, so you can make smarter business decisions now and in the future.
  • Data can be imported and organized almost instantly, giving you fast access to all the information you need to stay ahead of the curve.


While APERTURE’s dynamic dashboard constantly translates thousands of data points into visual insights, the analytics tool also makes it easy to identify cost savings opportunities empowering you to make smart decisions for your business.


By seamlessly integrating and analyzing medical, prescription, clinical, and biometric data, APERTURE, unveils invaluable insights. It goes beyond the norm, allowing us to pinpoint cost drivers and bridge gaps in coverage before they become challenges.



To better align your risk management strategy with your corporate objectives, MJ uses APERTURE to perform a comprehensive risk analysis of your firm. This quantitative and qualitative analysis allows us to understand your risk profile, tailor solutions that align with your overall strategy, and help you create smart, forward-thinking strategies.


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