Compensation + Total Rewards Consulting

Compensation and total rewards programs play a vital role in your organization’s human capital strategy. Leveraging the dynamic relationship between employers and employees, these programs have a proven track record of not only attracting but also motivating and engaging the talent your organization requires to achieve its desired outcomes.

Our Holistic Consultative Approach

At MJ, we take consulting to the next level. We go beyond traditional benefits consulting to develop dynamic solutions that unlock employees’ potential to drive organizational success and harness the power of customized rewards programs to make work a fulfilling and rewarding part of life.

Our holistic approach considers a variety of elements, including compensation, benefits, retirement, and workplace cultural elements to develop strategies that work for each employee—making your entire organization smarter and stronger.

Integrated, Data-Driven Solutions

Powered by our exclusive data analytics platform, APERTURE®, we offer a fully tailored and integrated approach to compensation and total rewards consulting. We go beyond surface-level data points, delving into various verticals to unveil hidden patterns, trends, and relationships. This empowers you to make forward-looking decisions for your program, both today and in the years to come.

Compensation and total rewards strategies are inherently dynamic. They intricately weave together aspects such as compensation, benefits, paid time off, wellbeing, career development, and recognition. They must navigate the intricate interplay between internal and external forces to create a compelling people value proposition aligned with workforce and organizational priorities. Doing it right means collaboration and a personalized approach—and no one does it better than MJ.



Compensation + Total Rewards Services

We offer a variety of comprehensive compensation and total rewards consulting services—all designed to meet the unique needs of your organization.


Our services include:

  • Compensation and Total Rewards Philosophy Development
  • Executive and Board of Director Compensation
  • Incentive Compensation Plan Design
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) and other Rewards Program Analysis
  • Recruiting and Retention Compensation Advisory Services
  • Compensation Survey Data Benchmark Market Analysis
  • Compensation Structure & Pay Program Design
  • Pay-for-Performance Program Development
  • Annual Salary/Merit Increase Salary Planning
  • Rewards Program Communication Support
  • Pay Transparency and Equity Advisory Support
  • Outsourced Compensation Team Resources

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