Unlock the Power of Your Data

At MJ, our comprehensive, forward-thinking approach to analytics is the foundation of our benefits consulting practice.

Discover how our team of seasoned professionals and our proprietary APERTURE analytics platform work together to optimize your benefits program and improve the wellbeing of your organization and employees.

Why Data Matters

At MJ, we don’t just provide data. We live and breathe it. We transform data into actionable insights, unveiling hidden patterns and trends that provide a deeper understanding of elements in play.

With APERTURE®, MJ’s proprietary analytics platform, we can provide a holistic look at all your benefits data and beyond, which helps us take the guesswork out of how plan changes can affect your entire organization. Our data-driven approach empowers complex problem solving, strategic planning, and the ability to spot and seize emerging opportunities.

With APERTURE, we can synthesize massive amounts of data easily including:

  • Medical claims
  • Prescription claims
  • Clinic and provider utilization
  • Biometrics
  • Member demographics
  • Workers’ compensation

We use APERTURE’s insights to put together strategic recommendations aligned to the benefits strategy of your business—with a focus on your future and goals.

Benefits Consulting Service Integration

With APERTURE, we can analyze your benefits data at multiple levels and create custom reports and recommendations—helping you make smart decisions that can attract and keep exceptional employees.

Your organization doesn’t operate in a silo. By integrating all your organizational data, we can correlate, plan, and strategize ways for you to deploy your spend in the right way. We can help you manage your risk, benefits, retirement, and compensation strategies so that you can get the biggest return for your organization, and your people.   

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