Since 1984, we’ve proudly held the position as the foremost insurance agency for women’s sororities and fraternities. Our dedicated sorority risk management team is here to ensure your peace of mind and success.

Sororities face unique challenges, and with over 35 years of expertise, we’re well acquainted with these risks. Actively participating in the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) and other leading organizations, we stay ahead in understanding the evolving landscape of the Greek community.

Armed with data-driven insights, we’re skilled at identifying trends affecting sorority coverage. As industry leaders, we leverage these insights to design pioneering plans that address every potential exposure.

Learn more about our expertise and uncover a wealth of resources by visiting the MJ Sorority website.

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To help you make the most of your budget and free up your resources, we offer a full range of innovative insurance and benefits solutions, all in one place:

  • Delivering risk management education to your chapters
  • Offering expert advice on contracts and existing coverages
  • Issuing certificates of insurance for events or non-events
  • Providing dedicated assistance with compliance matters
  • Serving as a steadfast advocate in case of a claim
  • Proposing risk transfer options to reduce your cost of risk

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