Unlock the Power of Your Data

In order to better align your risk management strategy with your corporate objectives, we first take a deep dive and perform a comprehensive risk analysis of your firm. This quantitative and qualitative analysis will allow us to understand your risk profile and tailor the proper treatment for your exposures in alignment with your overall strategy. Our risk analysis provides the basis for analyzing the various risk financing alternatives available.

From this foundation, we craft dynamic, adaptable strategies that evolve with your business.

Why Data Matters

At MJ we don’t just provide data. We live and breathe it.  We transform data into actionable insights, unveiling hidden patterns and trends that provide a deeper understanding of elements in play.
Our data-driven approach empowers complex problem solving, strategic planning, and the ability to spot and seize emerging opportunities.

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Cost of Risk Analysis

Unlock the power of foresight by assessing your historical cost of risk—a pivotal benchmark shaping your future decisions. This baseline measurement for your risk profile can be shared across your organization, fostering a risk-aware culture and expanding awareness of your risk management strategy.

Loss Trending

Navigate the intricacies of your claims experience with us. We’ll explore the elements steering your losses, carefully examining factors influencing frequency and severity. Our historical and predictive correlations pave the way for targeted recommendations to improve your loss performance.


As we delve into your cost of risk and loss trends, we chart the elements of your business profile, dissecting the exposures integral to your insurance program. Quantitative insights into your organization’s evolution empower us to align your insurance strategy with the trajectory of your business, creating a synchronized approach.


At MJ, we leverage the power of benchmarking. We utilize your historical data and conduct comparative analysis with peer data to identify trends and establish organizational goals. By peering into the future with forecasting, we gain invaluable insights into the impact of behavioral changes on your risk culture. The right decisions begin with a clear vision of the possibilities.

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Whether you’re shaping your risk culture or exploring your options, MJ is your trusted partner on your journey. Connect with us now and take the first step toward elevating your risk management strategy and unlocking sustained growth and success.

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