Pharmacy Management Solutions

Pharmacy programs are complex and confusing. With so many different elements at play, it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we developed MagniPhy Pharmacy Solutions. Like looking through a magnifying glass, we bring your pharmacy program into sharp focus. 

Our Approach

Our process was designed with you in mind. We work to remove the noise and bring enhanced clarity to your pharmacy program. Our commitment is to build a pharmacy program that works for you—not everyone else. We begin our process by assessing your needs and priorities, matching you with the right partner to create the optimal pharmacy program for your business. You then work with the MJ MagniPhy team, whose daily immersion in the pharmacy space provides fresh, cutting-edge perspectives that drive effective, customized solutions.

Putting the Data into Practice

Like everything we do at MJ, we take a data-driven approach to managing your pharmacy program. By leveraging the power of multiple lenses, MagniPhy brings enhanced clarity and insights into your pharmacy program. By utilizing our proprietary analytics platform, APERTURE, we can measure and drive ongoing performance.

APERTURE allows us to:

  • Complete repricing modeling
  • Validate pricing terms per the contract​
  • Monitor effectiveness of PBM programs that exist within current structure​
  • Identify utilization patterns and prescription drug trends
  • Provide industry Rx benchmarking and Rx forecasting

The real-time data insights allow us to be nimble, so that we are continuously staying ahead with innovative solutions that address current and future challenges.

Accountability You Can Count On

We understand finding the right pharmacy benefit management (PBM) is only a part of the process, which is why our work doesn’t stop there. MJ’s team of pharmacy experts will actively engage with your team to establish and monitor accountability. Because of our multi-lens approach, we are able to work directly with the PBM to share data and make proactive adjustments based upon agreed key performance indicators (KPIs). We offer a partnership you can count, working on your behalf always to ensure you have a best-in-class pharmacy program.

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