It’s easy to minimize the impact we can have on others, but I’ve seen firsthand how much even small gestures matter. On a day-to-day basis at MJ, it’s about being available to someone who’s struggling with a loss. It’s providing a cost-effective solution that helps an organization gain the traction they need to grow. It’s tweaking an employee benefits package to deliver more security to every member of a business’ team.  

Yep, it’s easy to say, “It’s just insurance,” but with every advantage we deliver, every savings we create, every risk we reduce, and every claim we resolve, we impact others.  

Feels pretty good when we stop to think about it. 

Some of the other ways we impact others are on a broader scale, particularly when it comes to the MJ Foundation. Just recently, we released the foundation’s first–ever Impact Report, and I’m beyond proud to report that in just the short time since 2020, the MJ Foundation has donated more than $75,000 to local organizations, matched more than $10,000 in employee donations and supported our associates as they contributed more than 2,500 volunteer hours. Ultimately, the goal for the foundation’s first ten years is to contribute $1 million to the communities MJ serves, including the greater areas of Indianapolis, Phoenix and Denver.  

There’s little doubt we’ll reach, if not exceed, that goal.  

I believe this because our associates’ actions already reflect their commitment to the four cornerstones of our mission — overcoming poverty, fostering diversity, advancing education and embracing humanity. And, we continue to push for more philanthropic opportunities every day, like our newly announced $750,000 endowment to Butler University to support an MJ Foundation Scholarship for students from diverse backgrounds with limited financial means who are interested in a risk management and insurance career. It will be a wonderful way to provide opportunities and welcome a new generation of leaders to our industry. 

It turns out that MJ is about so much more than “just insurance.” So, if you’re looking for a career with impact — one study shows 65% of people want to work for an organization with strong social and environmental consciousness — look no further! MJ may have the opening you need to make a positive change.  

Check out our available positions today, and keep checking back. We’d love to connect.