What You Need to Know: Business Email Compromise

In today’s digital world, the growing impact of cyber attacks have become an ever-pressing concern for businesses of all sizes and across industries. While ransom events tend to capture the brunt of media attention, Business Email Compromise (BEC)—a type of cyber attack where hackers gain access to a business email account and trick employees into sharing sensitive information or transferring funds—is actually among one of the most prevalent and damaging. This is part one of our three-part on-demand webinar series related to current cyber trends, joined by experts from cyber response firms..

What You Need to Know: Business Email Compromise

What We’ll Cover

Item No. 1

What Business Email Compromises (BEC) are and how the impact your organization.

Item No. 2
What impacts we seeing now with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Item No. 3
Deploying ACH Directives within your organization.

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