Laurie Schoening

In 2000, Laurie Schoening became a valuable member of the MJ team, taking on the role of risk transfer specialist in the Risk Management + Commercial Insurance department. In her capacity, Laurie is dedicated to coordinating service and marketing strategies. She also utilizes data analytics to identify potential gaps in coverage, offering insightful recommendations to address these limitations. Beyond managing the day-to-day needs of her accounts, Laurie collaborates with her team to deliver clients tailored risk management solutions that best suit their distinct needs.

Prior to MJ, Laurie’s journey in the risk management industry spans over 40 years, making her a true veteran and expert in the field. She has honed her skills in various specializations, including garage, service, technology, municipalities, manufacturing, and construction. Laurie’s approach to these unique industries has been instrumental in developing programs to respond to clients’ specialized needs.