Braden Pitts

Braden Pitts joined the MJ team in 2021 as the vice president of technology in the IT department and has since advanced to the role of chief information security officer and senior vice president of enterprise technology. Braden boasts over a decade of technical leadership experience, with a profound expertise in IT infrastructure management. As an active member of MJ’s Senior Leadership Team, Braden’s journey at MJ has been marked by transformative contributions, propelling our company toward its vision of being a data-driven, tech-enabled consulting powerhouse.

Prior to MJ, Braden made a major impact at an Indianapolis-based technology consulting organization, as he helped build dedicated service teams and worked closely with leadership as a trusted advisor for driving the success of the company’s IT function. Braden’s executive leadership skills including team management, organization effectiveness and strategic planning enable him to successfully develop data enterprise strategy and offer innovative analysis to MJ’s clients.