Do What You Love (And Get Rewarded For It Too)

It’s never too late for a great career — getting paid to do something you love with people you like.  

If your job seems stagnant or the place you’re working has lost it’s appeal, maybe it’s time to check out the insurance industry. 


There’s more going on at MJ than most people suspect. 

First and foremost, running an agency of our size requires lots of different roles. Of course, most people think about sales, claims or client service, but there’s also marketing, data analytics, IT, finance, human resources and more.  

And one of the best things about working in insurance is that it requires people to be curious, creative and determined. Honestly, there are few places you could go where you’d find the range of experts we have at MJ.  

We’ve got teams focusing their efforts in some pretty interesting — and important — areas. There’s commercial insurance and benefits, but there’s also compliance; data analytics + automation; health risk management; learning + development; marketing + communications; personal insurance; population health + wellness; small business; retirement + financial wellness; rewards + compensation; and so much more.  

And within every one of those teams, there are people with some remarkably unique skills who have all the opportunities and challenges they need for a fulfilling career right here.  

I hope I’ve at least sparked your interest in learning more. I’m certain you’ll find MJ to be a welcoming, supportive place that offers positions that could be the perfect match for your talents and interests. 

Take a peek at our current openings today, and be sure to bookmark our site for the future too. We’d love to help you do what you love!