INDIANAPOLIS (Feb. 7, 2022) – MJ Charitable Foundation (The MJ Foundation), the nonprofit arm of leading risk management and employee benefits agency The MJ Companies, released its first ever Impact Report. Since its initial founding, the MJ Foundation has served more than 100 organizations and raised more than $140,000.

Raised funds will be used to award grants and support local organizations in alignment with the four cornerstones of the MJ Foundation mission: overcoming poverty, fostering diversity, advancing education and embracing humanity.

The foundation’s goal is to contribute $1 million in its first 10 years of operation, to the communities that The MJ Companies serves, including Greater Indianapolis, Phoenix and Denver. Since 2020, the MJ Foundation has donated more than $75,000 to local organizations, has matched more than $10,000 in associate match funds and served more than 2,500 hours.

Formal launch of the MJ Foundation was delayed due to the global coronavirus pandemic, but MJ saw local communities were in greater need for support than ever before and leaped into action.

“We recognized that instead of focusing on the launch of the Foundation, we should shift our energy, focus and funds where it was needed most, supporting those most impacted by the pandemic,” said The MJ Companies CEO and Founder of the MJ Foundation, Michael H. Bill. “As our Impact Report will highlight, we were able to continue giving throughout the pandemic which inspired our associates to carry that momentum into 2021 and 2022.”

MJ has long been a committed community partner. From a two-person start-up to an agency with more than 200 employees in Indiana, Arizona, and Colorado, MJ has kept community at the forefront.

Bill added, “I am honored to lead an organization that embraces change, embraces volatility and most importantly, embraces humanity. Our Foundation gives us yet another platform for service that I believe best reflects the gratitude we share.”

For more information on the MJ Foundation and to view the Impact Report visit: