Wes Edrington

Wes Edrington joined the MJ team in 2018 as a senior risk analyst in our Risk Management + Commercial Insurance department and has since been promoted to director of analytics and automation. Wes oversees the data collection and normalization of various datasets, as well as the development and production of reports for MJ’s Risk Management + Commercial Insurance clients using MJ’s proprietary analytics tool, APERTURE®. As director of analytics and automation, he is responsible for leveraging data analysis and automation techniques to drive decision-making and operational efficiency across the enterprise and is an active member of MJ’s Senior Leadership Team.

Prior to MJ, Wes gained professional experience in roles such as business and research analyst. Having developed his leadership skills throughout his time at MJ, Wes works alongside the analytics team to determine best practices for handling and analyzing loss data, exposure data, and policy data to provide a descriptive picture of past trends, predict future trends and prescribe solutions that best meet the risk management needs of MJ’s clientele. Wes and his team also work to enhance MJ’s internal and client-facing workflows through process automation, removing friction from both the employee and client experience.