Michael M. Bill

Michael M. Bill co-founded MJ Insurance, now known as The MJ Companies, in 1964. His journey with MJ has been nothing short of transformative, driven by a shared vision to establish an independent insurance agency based on sound financial principles and strong client service. Over the years, his vision has blossomed, propelling MJ into the ranks of the top 100 independent insurance agencies in the nation, as well as a “Best Place to Work” in both Indiana and Arizona.

Michael’s leadership and determination have enabled MJ to stand out among its peers, becoming the largest locally owned, privately held, independent agency in Indiana. With nearly 60 years in business, his strategic positioning and strong financial management skills have enabled MJ to grow to become a valued market leader. In addition to his many achievements, Michael remains deeply committed to the success and growth of MJ and the community, actively mentoring many of MJ’s employees.