Dane Fife

Dane Fife joined the MJ team as a risk management consultant in our Risk Management + Commercial Insurance department. In his role, Dane is responsible for acquiring new clients, nurturing relationships, and expertly executing tailor-made risk management strategies for our prestigious large-scale commercial clients. His expertise lies in scrutinizing financial, operational, and compliance risks, empowering clients to make well-informed decisions regarding their risk management strategies, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards, and sustaining long-term stability in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Prior to MJ, Dane was a household name in Indiana due to his illustrious career with Indiana University Basketball. From his early days as a standout player to his later transformation into a skilled coach, Dane has spent nearly two decades honing his skills in the world of basketball.
Just as he was celebrated for his ability to connect with players and inspire them to achieve their best on the court, he now employs those same relationship-building talents to connect with a wide range of MJ clients. As their trusted ally, Dane’s dedication to serving MJ clients makes him a valuable addition to our organization.