Barry Goodrich

Barry Goodrich joined the MJ team in 2007 as an employee benefits consultant in our Benefits Consulting department. Shortly thereafter, he became a principal and was later named market president – Arizona in 2022. In his role, Barry is responsible for providing strategic direction, leading sales and growth efforts in our Arizona office. His track record for growth and leadership has continued to develop throughout his tenure, solidifying his active membership on MJ’s Senior Leadership Team.

Barry’s specializations are as diverse as they are essential, encompassing employee benefit plan design and analysis, alternative funding, pharmacy benefit management, population health, benefits technology, and compliance management. He and his team help identify primary cost drivers through data analytics and develop tailored solutions for MJ’s Employee Benefits clientele. When faced with complex insurance decisions, Barry strives to simplify the process, helping organizations better leverage their insurance investments while reducing stress and creating optimal benefit strategies for employers.